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Premier Towing in Fresno is a reputable company that provides 24 hours of towing and road assistance services in Fresno. Our goal is to help people get back on the road and also helping them overcome car emergencies using our professional skills and experiences. Our straightforward service includes moving or transporting some materials or property by a mechanical source from one area to another. The mechanism used for towing could be human, animal, land, and so on. The load towed necessarily doesn't have to be carried, a dragging mechanism could pull it. This dragging mechanism could be a rope, chain, hitch, bar, or even a wheel. 

About Us

At Premier Towing, we are positioned as an exceptional and most reliable towing service company in Fresno and its local areas. Since inception, we have been assisting clients in moving automobiles, and light and heavy-duty equipment. We understand the discomforting feeling associated with being stuck in your car, waiting for a means to transport it from the point of breakdown to where it can be serviced. Over the years, we have continued to serve Fresno and its neighboring environments helping both individuals and commercial outfits move faulty cars, assist with common roadside fixes, offering relief to individuals, especially in distress times during transportation. Our quick response to calls and demands has helped us satisfy our customers better.

Our Services

Our services have been carefully planned and set up for the everyday demands and challenges facing individuals on the roadside. Moving faulty or broken machinery can be very tasking, especially when there is no sufficient mechanical power used in the towing process. As experts in the industry, we are committed to providing fast and efficient towing service delivery. We believe in offering a valuable towing service that meets the unique requirements of your request. Hard work, dedication, and straightforward communication is our mantra while we ensure ultimate satisfaction.

professional 24 hour towing services

24 hour Towing

Anyone who owns a car for several years will understand the importance of handy vehicle repair tools. Most times, you own this quick fix tools but don’t know how to use them. Premier Towing is always available to take your call 24/7 hours and provide your superior towing services to meet your need if you find yourself in this scenario. Our knowledgeable towing technicians are always ready to offer 24-hour towing services whether you are stranded during the day or at night regardless of the time, your car will be towed to the nearest service station. Our 24-hour service is efficiently carried out within Fresno.

roadside assistance

This has a lot to do with the services related to the breakdown and repairs of motors, bicycles, and vehicles. They might have suffered some form of failure, either mechanical or electrical. Whatever the fault may be, the operators are kept stranded and need help or fast solutions. Most motorists are incapable of performing repairs in their machines and vehicles, requiring the attention of experts. Premier Towing provides fast and reliable support using the appropriate assistance service in the event of a breakdown. If we observe that your vehicle can not be repaired on the spot, we will arrange a replacement car. In need of roadside assistance, Premier Towing roadside assistance is always available to assist!

reliable roadside assistance services
flatbed towing near me

flatbed towing

We can plan a long-distance journey, but we can’t predict what may happen during the trip. We understand that vehicle damage, accidents, and a breakdown may occur, so we have set out our unique flatbed towing services to cater to your needs. Flatbeds are beds made mostly from wooden Planks. This kind of structure doesn't have a roof or side fixed by a type of material. Our flatbed towing service is most suitable when we tow from a long distance. So, whenever you need to tow an exclusive and highly expensive vehicle, we utilize our flatbed tow truck. This service is safe and secure.

heavy towing & hauling

Most equipment or car is quite massive in size and weight a considerable mass. In the event of breakdown or damage, they need a particular towing truck or equipment. This is because the weight of the car or container exceeds the allowable weight limit for the vehicle. At Premier Towing, we are fully equipped to handle truck towing and also heavy duties vehicles for commercial purposes. We are specialized and professionally operate an array of trucks prepared to offer heavy towing within Fresno at any time and any day. Don’t wait under your car or heavy equipment gets stocked - Call us and our towing technician will be with you immediately.

heavy towing & hauling service
private property towing services

private property

At Premier Towing in Fresno, we realize that the demand for private property towing is on the high side, this is because of illegal vehicle parking. To park any vehicle on a property, you must possess an authorization document. In a situation where you aren’t authorized to pack, your car may be towed. We offer private property towing services to property owners, estate managers, and we are widely used in Fresno because we abide by the towing laws. We are available and ready to tow private cars and property anytime and give you exceptional service while at it.

Jump Starts & Fuel Delivery

This service covers immediate requests regarding vehicles whose batteries have gone flat or car without fuel. We help provide a fast and reliable jump start and fuel delivery service to customers at any time. Situations that require this service can be very embarrassing as they leave you with no clue what the cause of the problem. You may be on a journey and realized that there is a limited gas station where you could easily refill – No matter the situation, and current location. Our team of experienced technicians is always ready to help.

jump starts & fuel delivery

Contact Us For More Information

If you need a piece of thorough information on the range of services we provide, you can visit our official website. If you need us to assist you in towing your vehicle, call the phone number displayed on our website. It is one of the quickest ways you can reach out to us. To make inquiries, complaints, or feedback, we advise that you fill the contact form on our website. Be assured that our communication channels are opened 24/7 with an experienced customer care team that provides quick responses.

emergency road service near me

“I had to make long-distance travels where I got stuck in between. Trying to contact towing service providers has been much of an issue at a point, as some failed to respond. Premium Towing delivered quality service; they rescued me and my car" – Jacob Sath.

affordable towing near me

"I am proud to have come in contact with Premium Towing In Fresno, they help with my fueling demands, even when I thought they wouldn’t make it to my destination. The customer service was unique, too – Kate Carner.

local towing companies near me

" I am particularly satisfied with the quality of service offered by Premium Towing services. They have a full range of well-organized towing services that fit every specific need or purpose. When I contacted them for a jump start, I was glad they were able to help me continue my journey without any hitches. " – James

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