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About Our Team

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Premier Towing in Fresno is a trusted towing and 24-hours roadside assistance service company with a core aim to solve different roadside situations that you experience. Our vision is to become the leading brand and expert in towing vehicles, materials, properties, equipment, and various categories of machinery. Since inception, we have a proven track record where we have successfully helped several car owners in need of quick maintenance and towing due to unpredicted breakdown. We offer several services and tailor-made services to suit customers' specific needs using standard techniques with our state-of-the-art towing equipment. Also, our services are reliable, unbeatable, and prompt while we handle your vehicle with care. We have carefully positioned our brand as one which strives to build and maintain a relationship with customers.


At Premier Towing in Fresno, our team of technicians possess industry knowledge and have empathy for customers whenever they are placed to provide services. They are focused on delivering first-hand towing attention to each of our customers and also ensure that they arrive at a location within the expected time frame. As a leading towing company, we understand the need for superior service; hence we consistently train and motivate our staff to handle customers’ expectations while they work towards offering quality service on a budget. As an affordable towing company in Fresno, we adopt a customer-centric approach because we understand the discomfort with a car breakdown during a trip. We assure our client's safety, high-quality performance, reliability, and innovative solution in all we handle.

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