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Flatbed Towing

professional flatbed towing near me

Flatbed towing is a preferred method when considering the movement of cars and vehicles from one place or point to another. You would require trucks built for this specific purpose to carry out operations successfully. These trucks are designed with a flatbed being attached to the rear of the vehicle. Flatbed provides a significant level of protection and safety when it utilized. As a reliable towing company, we offer flatbed towing services, and we assure our client of ultimate satisfaction.


Movement of new car

When it comes to moving cars, which might have been imported, a flatbed tow is very vital. There are many towing vehicles made available, but the flatbed trucks are easier to load. Conventional methods of towing cars require the wheels of the cars being towed to remain on the ground while transporting but flatbed towing makes sure that the wheels are placed on a platform. While transporting the vehicle, a hook and chain type truck may also carry out towing. The chances that the bumper of the towed truck sustains damages is high when speeding is high even approaching bumps or pit holes.


Road safety

Flatbed towing comes as a safe option for the transportation of vehicles for many reasons. It ensures that road users are kept safe as they don't necessarily need to be in the vehicle behind transportation takes place. As opposed to old times, car owners don't need to be inside the cars since the vehicles are already placed on platforms and don't need extra help with navigation. The reason why some times car owners are placed in cars while towing is because of the towing method being used. For chains being attached to the vehicle part, the driver must be on the ground to direct the steering and ensure that it doesn't go off track. The towed vehicle can also be firmly strapped on the flatbed truck not allowing sways from one direction to another.



When dollies are being used for towing, the drive shaft of vehicles to prevent the transmission of damage to unaffected areas. If the driveshafts aren't removed, it might come in contact with a collision at bumps and jerks. Flatbed towing prevents such happenings. Our experts ensure the cars have been firmly placed on the flatbed and secured by wraps and hooks. The time being consumed in the removal of drive shafts and other parts which are suspected of coming in contact with a collision that would cause damage could be expended in the journey with flatbed tows. If the cars are badly damaged, and there exists the impossibility of taking hits across to the flatbeds, winches can be used.


The only option for transporting vehicles

Other towing methods might require the wheels of the car being towed to keep still running while being the towed, but with flatbed tows, it is quite different. It serves so much relevance in cases where the tires or wheels of the cars are broken, and there bid no means of rotation. Flatbed tows would be the only effective way of having the vehicles moved.

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