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Jump Starts & Fuel Delivery

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When the battery of a car runs down, it automatically comes to a stop. Many people are unaware of the reasons why batteries run flat and don't last. At Premier Towing, our qualified and highly experienced technicians carry out a quick vehicle testing. They test on the spot to identify the health of your battery, and other sources that may cause malfunction. Vehicle jumpstarts have more to do with cells that have run down, and only an expert driver can help with the method of restoring them. Some drivers practice a few unhealthy driving acts, which involves unnecessary horn pressing, leaving the front and backlights on for a long time, and many other things. While these happen, the battery life is being expended and would need recharging. Sometimes, you embark on a journey without checking if your fuel is sufficient, and during the trip, you may find it hard to locate a gas station. Our jumpstart and fueling service can help you overcome all this struggle.


Carrying out battery tests

During jumpstart, we carry out checks to know how the health level of your battery. Some battery might need to be changed instantly, or they need a quick recharge. We use the latest technological kit to carry out the battery test, and it provides prompt responses regarding the present condition. We try to compare this result with the actual battery rating. With the effect, our technician can easily ascertain if the battery needs to be charged or depreciated to the extent that charging would be a waste of effort and time.


On-the-spot Fueling

It’s important to check your car's fuel level before you embark on a long-distance trip so that you don’t stop on the road waving your hands for help. The gas station cannot be found everywhere; you may be stranded if you don’t have enough fuel. Not to worry, if you need a gas refill for your vehicle, we provide on the spot fueling based on demand.


Battery replacement

If we discover that your car battery still doesn't meet up with the manufacturer's standard ratings, we recommend that the battery be changed to a new and better one. Charging a dead battery doesn't help so much, as the battery can run down at any time. In a bid to avoid additional cost, a few people prefer to keep charging their car battery rather than opt-in for a replacement, which is a lasting solution. We inform our clients that every battery has a stipulated life span, when it elapses, no amount of charging would revive it. 


Battery breakdown

Some batteries are still in the prime of their productivity but seem even to run down frequently. We carry out investigations to determine the cause of no connection or discharge. From experience, sometimes the breakdown can be avoided if the car owner has a little technical knowledge about handling vehicles and how to do basic maintenance, but this isn’t the case. There are times when the battery breakdown isn’t a result of human error, but some devices or car electronics can consume more energy or power than usual. 

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