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Roadside Assistance

reliable roadside assistance services

We understand the discomfort you go through when you are stuck on the road due to car damage of maybe an empty vehicle fuel tank, or even a flat tire. These are life situations that people experience on the road daily, and it can happen to anybody at any time. When all these happen, it authenticates our existence as a towing service provider because we exist to ensure you can easily get back on the road. We are a diligent operator who can render help so that your movement can continue. Premier Towing in Fresno is always available to provide roadside emergencies service using tools and equipment.


Battery jump-starts or boosting

What happens when your car battery runs down and needs a quick recharge? This would cause a complete pause on whatever journey you’re embarking on. No car breakdown is planned or predicted, this can be extremely frustrating, and it psychologically affects the mind; that is why it’s hard for some people to think at this point. What if your vehicle battery dies on a lonely road at an odd hour of the night? We are equipped for any help you need on the road. As experts, we can conveniently help you recharge your battery to hit the road to complete your trip.


Flat tire

This seems to be a common problem, but fixing and changing tires is one knowledge not common to all car owners. When you find yourself in this situation, and you probably have no idea what to do or where to start. First, you need to be calm; a flat tire issue shouldn’t cause you to worry; it’s a mechanical problem anyone can encounter. But how you overcome the situation matters a lot, so we are equipped to assist you in fixing your flat tire or installing a spare tire. We advise all our clients to ensure they have their spare tires before they embark on any journey.



Some cars have an automatic security system, which is almost impossible to bypass. As humans, we can be forgetful a lot, and we find ourselves in scenarios where we need access to our vehicle without the key. This and other case scenarios can be highlighted, and they need a remedy, the quick remedy would be a lockout service provider. Premier Towing technician also provide solution on how you can access your vehicle after a lockout. It’s also one of the special roadside emergency assistance we offer to our clients. We transit from being stranded to having full access to your property.


Fuel service delivery

Though required and set apart by a full-service team, fuel service delivery can also come in handy while carrying out roadside assistance. Some vehicles could break down on the road due to the expiration of fuel in the engine. On the spot, deliveries can be made soon enough to keep the customer movement back in track. Deliveries could also be made to the vehicle even with closed fuel stations.

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